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New Android Mobile Puzzle Game Fluzzles Released

Mobile Puzzle Game Fluzzles

Fluzzles is a mobile puzzle game I developed for Android using Unity and C# and published on Google Play. The name is derived from joining the words “flowers” with “puzzles” and the game follows the same logic. Fluzzles combines the beauty of flowers with the challenge of a sliding puzzle game to produce hours of fun. There are twelve levels of game play, three levels of difficulty (easy, medium, and hard), and three grid system modes (3*3,4*4, […]

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Word Count Machine Visual C# Windows Application

Word Count Machine Video Featured Image

This simple but practical Windows app I developed called Word Count Machine tells you exactly how many words are in any document with just one click! As you take a look, I invite you to let your imagination begin to visualize other ways simple one-click applications like this could make your daily business and even personal life easier, more efficient, and more productive. What if some of the most time consuming or repetitive tasks you do each […]

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