New Android Mobile Puzzle Game Fluzzles Released

Mobile Puzzle Game Fluzzles

Fluzzles is a mobile puzzle game I developed for Android using Unity and C# and published on Google Play.

The name is derived from joining the words “flowers” with “puzzles” and the game follows the same logic. Fluzzles combines the beauty of flowers with the challenge of a sliding puzzle game to produce hours of fun. There are twelve levels of game play, three levels of difficulty (easy, medium, and hard), and three grid system modes (3*3,4*4, and 5*5). The play settings button you  find available on the welcome screen takes you to the Grid System screen where you can choose the level of difficulty that is right for you.

Once you begin to play Fluzzles, one of the first things you’ll notice is the beautiful music you hear that accompanies your game play matched with the rhythm of your game pace because it’s in sync with the running timer and move counts. This effect is designed to create a peaceful yet fun ambiance that is just as energetic as it is relaxing for the user.

The object of the game is to arrange each image-sliced puzzle piece of a level’s flower so that the completed Fluzzle matches the picture of the flower (shown to the right of the grid) using as few moves and as little time as possible.

After you complete a Fluzzle (level), your game screen automatically transforms into the completed level screen where you see your current score for moves, your current score for time, and the best record score for moves and the best record score for time used to complete the level. The first increment was released this morning and new increments based on initial feedback will be forthcoming.

Here is a direct link to the Fluzzles free puzzle game listing in Google Play:

Fluzzles is the New Free Puzzle Game by Web Development Fun

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